How to Handle Wildlife Conflicts on Personal Property

animal removal
When fearful of wildlife conflict within your living area, or feel bothered by their threatening behaviors, do not take matters into your hands. Wildlife specialists or animal control is crucial in handling these types of critters. In the meantime, it is advisable that you do not make your home too comfortable for any intruders. In other words, do not provide food, water, and a homey atmosphere.

Not all methods and efforts are foolproof, but there are some things you can do to ward off the uninvited wildlife critters on your personal property. Some simple modifications within your space may involve just tightly securing trash bins. Of course, if you love wildlife and try to entice birds with feeders, but those can also invite other animals. If other critters are infringing on your property to get at those feeders or just to make a home in your yard, it is crucial to call wildlife professionals to have the animals safely and humanely removed. They can then advise you on what to do with bird feeders until the critter issue is resolved.

Seeking the Help of Wildlife Professionals

animal help It is not unusual for wild animals to find their way into populated areas, following their natural instincts to forage for food. As they get pushed out of their natural habitats due to improvements in human developments, the animals often lose their way, putting themselves, humans and their pets or domestic animals in danger. As much as most humans have a deep respect, love and compassion for animals, it is never advisable to try and keep such critters as pets or try to capture them on your own.

In choosing a wildlife or animal control company, ensure you choose one that has the animal’s best interest at heart. The concern is to guarantee humane methods of capturing or rescuing the animal(s) and removing it from the property. Another concern is if the animal is a mother with babies. Often, a mother animal is rescued and removed, leaving young behind that cannot fend for themselves. As a concerned citizen, observe the animal’s behaviors and the numbers involved so that all can be saved, rescued and removed together.

When choosing a company to humanely capture and remove the animals, consider these facts:

  • The professionals should do a thorough consultation, asking all questions for the best rescue method, their prospective plan of action and a price quote
  • Inquire what to do to ensure a long-term solution. The pros should be able to tell you how you can avoid a repeat of the problem.
    Find out what type of guarantee is provided for the work done to safely and humanely remove any wildlife from personal property.
  • Never be afraid to ask what kinds of traps or methods are used in the rescue and removal of the animals. The goal is to confirm that only humane means are implemented.
  • The animals need to be captured alive and safe, able to be removed from the property and taken back to their natural habitat. You don’t want to hire a company that will bring the animal to a new area that could be dangerous to the animal. It is also illegal to do so.
  • Ask how often the live traps are monitored in capturing animals. They should be checked daily. If you are willing to work with animal control, you may check the traps yourself and consult with them if there is a rescue.
  • Animals that are trapped in a home, like an attic or basement, can also be saved in the same manner as those outdoors. A good company will also seal the hole to prevent a repeat issue.
  • Inquire about availability in case of an emergency and what their return policies are if needed.

animal removal When an animal is rescued humanely and removed, it is critical not to transplant the animal to unfamiliar territory that is confusing and stressful for the animal. Relocating the animal is not advisable as it can cause them to be disoriented, distressed and an early demise. Studies suggest that relocating wild animals into unfamiliar areas can cause the spread of disease into those new areas. Animals find it difficult enough to survive in the wild and be released into different habitats can cause conflict. Ensure those hired to rescue and remove them relocates them to the home where they feel comfortable.

As with any other professional establishment, choosing the right company to handle a wildlife issue is as important. The goal is to ensure the health and well-being of the invasive wild animals as well as yourself, your home and own domestic pets. If you live in an area with frequent issues involving wild animals, research these companies and keep phones numbers readily available so that you will be prepared in times of need.